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Completed Projects


It's been 40 years and we feel content as well as proud that we have been able to deliver some remarkable creations that would make a lasting impression.
Have a look at some of our completed residential projects –

The green smile of satisfaction

Prathamesh Anant

At Prathamesh Anant you would experience joy and satisfaction of a different kind. Quality of life is a necessity that has become a luxury that not all can enjoy. Discover pure quality of life to revitalise your senses. With the facilities and systems provided at Prathamesh Anant, you would feel energised. So just give yourself the much needed escape into a green environment.

Pride in valuing our surrounding

Prathamesh Shreyas

A responsibility towards the environment is inspired by the environment itself. At Prathamesh Shreyas you would experience an atmosphere that would make you conscious of protecting the environment and give you a sense of ownership of protecting the environment. This spirit is inspired by the environment protection initiatives taken by the creators of this monument. It would give you a certain sense of pride to be a part of this movement and mission.