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The Green Lifestyle of Mukund Nagar

Prathamesh Shreyas

The sun has dawned upon our planet set to return to its natural self. Welcome to a philosophy of giving back to mother nature what we have taken from her and benefited. Needless to say, her resources are limited and it's our responsibility to use them judiciously. Prathamesh Shreyas takes the responsibility and the care to ensure that your duties towards mother nature are appropriately fulfilled.
Welcome to the new era of eco friendly living. Prathamesh Shreyas is a creation that has been built on the foundation of an eco friendly lifestyle. It benchmarks the 'Green Building' concept.
A Smile Wide And Green

Prathamesh Anant

At Prathamesh Anant the amenities and facilities provided promote a green lifestyle. The ambience has been carefully developed with each element inspiring healthy living and green thinking.

The facilities are thoughtfully created to refresh and revitalise your senses and to give you a feeling of good health.

The Evergreen Supurb of Mukundanagar

Prathamesh Ashish

Ashish literally means blessing. It's the blessing of passion that has inspired the creation of a residential monument. Starting with it's unique location, this monument is set to be the paradigm in quality living.

It would showcase the best in architectural design, technology and construction technology. Careful attention has been given to each detail starting with the site selection.

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