A way of Life Pure and Clean

At Prathamesh Anant the amenities provided promotes a Green Lifecycle. The ambience has been carefully developed with each element inspiring healthy living and green thinking. The facilities are thoughtfully created to refresh and revitalize you senses and to give you a feeling of good health.

Life cycle Cost Saving :

  • Up to 15% saving in power costs using energy efficient walls & roofs providing adequate daylight to habitable areas
  • Up to 25% saving on water costs due to low fixtures
  • Solar Water Heating System (for 100% requirement of Hot water)

Green Promoters :

  • 5% Parking to have Electric Charging facility
  • Rapidly Renewable Materials used for Doors
  • More than 85% Rainwater Harvesting.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • More than 70% Local Materials used that are available within 400 km radius

Ventilation :

  • Cross Ventilation
  • Low VOC Paints for healthy indoors spaces

Distinctive Design :

  • Hindrance free movement
  • Reserved Parking
  • Dedicated Staff Resting Room

Waste to Wealth :

  • More than 75% Organic Waste treated
  • Dry and Wet Waste Segregation

* Note: These are anticipated results based on final Pre-certitication review issued by IGBC Green Homes (V2 ). They may vary subject to unanticipated contingencies. Any changes in specifications would be to the discretion of the promoters